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SimpleSell Makes Finding New Business Simple

Innovative software paired with dedicated Sales Assistants revolutionizes the way you drive new business into your pipeline.

More Selling
Less Searching

SimpleSell takes the hassle out of finding your next sales contact.
Gain access to dedicated Sales Assistants focused on getting you
the right contacts every day.

Dedicated Sales Assistants

Interact with dedicated Sales Assistants focused on finding you the right contacts every day.

SimpleSell Platform

Easily communicate with live
Sales Assistants, track your latest contacts
in the SimpleSell platform, or integrate SimpleSell with your CRM.

Right Results Right Now

SimpleSell provides you with the correct contact information of your next target
when you need it the most.

Simple to Learn. Simple to Sell.

SimpleSell was developed to make selling easier, not harder. Work with SimpleSell through text message, email, or the SimpleSell platform to get your next sales contact.


of B2B sales reps list lead quantity and quality as their top challenge.

of a sales reps’ time is spent selling.
of sales reps feel they don’t have enough information before making a call.


I love using the SimpleSell tool! I'm able to easily send over the name of contacts I'm looking for and within minutes they're ready to export to Salesforce with the press of a button. It's super user-friendly and requires no training. It's nice to have a sales tool that doesn't require an afternoon of training just to use it!
Carrie R.
Big Zeta Business Development Manager
The platform is simple to use, clean and user friendly. Finding the right contacts can be exhausting, I found myself blocking out valuable time each day. Now, my SimpleSell sales assistant gets me those contacts so I can spend my time reaching out.
Kylie W.
Big Zeta Business Development Manager
SimpleSell has been a valuable resource for many reasons! Not only am I now getting the information for decision-makers important to me, without having to spend my time finding it all, but I am also able to take the information my Sales Assistant gets me and with one-click I have all of the important information pushed to my CRM. It saves me time everyday, meaning I can dedicate myself to reaching out and creating results.
Brian S.
Dynamic Range Labs Marketplace Success Manager and Recruiter
I was spending a lot of time submitting refresh requests to my manager for bogus contact information. It left me relying on others in a time-sensitive selling process, and oftentimes the refreshed list still wasn’t the decision-maker I was looking for. Now that I use SimpleSell, I no longer need to submit and wait on refreshed lists. I now have a Sales Assistant that works to find me the decision-makers with their accurate and up-to-date information, so that I have my time back to focus on selling.
Megan S.
Dynamic Range Labs Marketplace Success Manager and Recruiter
As a Sales Assistant for SimpleSell, I get the opportunity to connect with and help people in driving their business forward. I save them valuable time and focus my energy on understanding their needs. Everyday I work with sales teams and build relationships with each customer. This is something I look forward to daily.
Savannah L.
SimpleSell Sales Assistant

Information at Your Fingertips

Get your latest sales contact updates from the communication method of your choice.

Software Integrations

SimpleSell is focused on taking the hassle out of finding your next contact. Our Sales Platform integrates with making the pushing of contacts from SimpleSell to fast and easy.

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