The Fast Lane to Quality Sales Contacts and Sales Productivity

Companies all over the world are embracing B2B outsourcing for lead generation in order to increase sales productivity…. And it makes sense.

Sales teams are facing challenges never seen before in the industry. COVID, the increase of digital adoption, and predictions of major decreases in sales jobs by 2025 have forced sales teams to find ways to be more productive and efficient in their selling process.

Salespeople can no longer hide from the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic changed business forever. In some cases business has never been better, but other firms have struggled to navigate the complexity of the new sales environment. On average, sales representatives only spend about 39% of their time actually selling. A similar proportion of their time, about 40%, is spent simply looking for someone to call. 

And yet 79% of sales executives say a leading driver of hitting new targets is improving the productivity of existing sales reps. With sales increasingly moving to digital channels, the move to find quality contacts has also gone digital, forcing sales teams to add even more complexity to their sales prospecting activities, more often than not resulting in poor sales outcomes.

Sales productivity

So how are companies going about improving overall sales productivity around sales prospecting in 2021?

In a recent Salesforce Study, four key insights were outlined as major challenges for sales reps when seeking new customers.  

Challenges Reps Face When Seeking Customer Insights

  • Having enough time to find quality contacts
  • Getting the highest quality prospect data
  • Getting contact data into sales systems quickly & easily
  • Knowing how to access data

Today there are many SaaS companies that profess to bridge the contact quality gap. Many of these tools are complex to use, have a narrow range of benefit, and have variable levels of prospect data quality. After the changes wrought by the pandemic, companies have tried to differentiate themselves from their competitors by outsourcing lead generation to help book meetings for their teams. They have also started outsourcing products that can give sales reps quality contact information.


Challenges Reps Face When Seeking Customer Insights


In this new sales environment, in order to succeed, companies must embrace technology and be comfortable changing the status quo. In order to increase the productivity demanded of all sales reps, companies must now invest in solutions to help reps spend more time selling.

This year don’t let the information gap challenge your sales teams. With SimpleSell, you have a team dedicated to finding you the information you need at the exact time you need it.

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Dynamic Range Labs and SimpleSell

Brian Summers and Megan Shehan are two key salespeople on Dynamic Range Labs’s (DRL) highly successful sales team. Their role as marketplace success managers is helping to recruit, foster, and build relationships in the electrical engineering industry. Their ultimate goal is to engage and direct interest towards a major player in the electronics industry. 

DRL works to find suppliers and help them distribute their products online by joining forces with a major client. This is no easy feat, and the vast array of B2B companies that comprise their target profile can range from small companies to large industry leaders. DRL’s sales team approaches each and every one of these important customers as unique and valuable relationships. Sales Success ManagerThese marketplace success managers focus their efforts on the recruitment, sales, and onboarding process. Searching for the right applicants is just the start. After understanding the needs and long-term strategies and goals of each prospective customer, they must capture their interest, open their minds to potentially changing their current sales strategy, and direct them towards utilizing a marketplace. An application process is then required, which means DRL Sales works hard to ensure that these prospects are the right fit, so they can sail through the process and reach approval.

Every effort in this sales flow is crucial, yet one major pain point that has affected DRL, and many sales organizations, is the manual research and data entry required to find and connect with potential applicants—in other words, sales prospecting.

Treading through several contact databases, filtering across employee organization charts to find key decision makers, receiving bounce-back emails from inaccurate or out-of-date information all can lead to potentially wasted time and effort. The DRL sales team recognized that they were wasting time contact- prospecting, time that could be better spent connecting with prospects. This is where DRL and SimpleSell came together to solve the contact-prospecting problem.  


Sales Success Manager


During the prospecting phase, Brian and Megan were experiencing challenges in finding the right contact within a company, and the right information for those contacts. They would have to utilize multiple tools and resources to track down the correct person and their firmographic data. This added tedious and often unproductive steps to their sales prospecting flow, including steps that required help from other members of their team. This ineffective content prospecting process was impacting their success rate, and their clients’ bottom line. 

SimpleSell offered DRL a solution that would dramatically save time and guarantee real-time verification and accuracy of contact information. DRL’s sales team began working closely with a highly trained and account dedicated SimpleSell sales assistant, who was committed to finding the right decision makers. After receiving their target lists, rather than waste time weeding out the bogus contact information or sending bounce-back email addresses back to be re-worked, DRL now sends their targets to SimpleSell, where all of the prospecting work is done for them.

SimpleSell has optimized DRL’s contact prospecting workflow, and now the DRL team can focus on building and maintaining relationships with new and existing customers. 


Demand Sales Manager


SimpleSell is an innovative SaaS solution paired with dedicated sales assistants, built to provide an intuitive platform for salespeople to find the right sales contacts quickly and easily. 

Are you ready to save time and accelerate your selling? Start a conversation with your SimpleSell sales assistant today! 

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The Missing Link in Sales Prospecting 2021

2020 asked a lot of everyone, and companies and professionals in every field are still adapting to these changes. Typical prospecting methods have changed after the curveball of 2020 left salespeople scrambling to adjust. In 2021, many salespeople are expected to do it all: stay up to date on the latest technology and tools in the field, conduct the hours of research it takes to find leads, try to contact those leads, sift through outdated or irrelevant contact information, and eventually sell.


Sales rep's time spent selling


This substantial amount of expectations, however, leads to the bewildering statistic that only 39% of a sales rep’s time is spent selling. A salesperson’s time should be spent on what they do best, and what is in their title itself: selling. So, what do you do? How are you going to find contacts in a way that gets you the most return for your investment in time, effort, and often budget? How do you find the right prospecting tools, learn how to best use them, and get the right contacts fast?

Reps can utilize their time more freely with the help of SimpleSell, which will connect them with sales assistants who will do the difficult and involved task of finding contacts for them.  Research shows that 46% of B2B sales reps list lead quantity and quality as their top challenge, and 42% feel they don’t have enough information before making a call. Sales assistants can help with this, as they are trained in all of the latest sales prospecting technology, can build the best overall contact profiles, and can vet the contact data across multiple systems.

Sales reps list

Sales teams and sales assistants work across the SimpleSell platform, getting near-real-time updates as they find the best contacts possible. With time and energy freed up from the sales assistant prospecting for them, sales reps can concentrate on selling and creating revenue for their company. This is a win-win situation for all involved.

In “The Missing Link in Sales Prospecting 2021” eBook, those interested in sales assistants can learn more about:

  • An entirely new approach to optimize and improve the sales flow.
  • How sales assistants can help maximize your team’s sale time and effort.
  • Why sales assistants, and SimpleSell, are more and more essential to an efficient and effective salesperson and whole sales teams.
  • Exactly what a sales assistant does, and how they are different from a salesperson.
  • How sales assistants’ work is beneficial to salespeople and companies.
  • How your company can gain a competitive advantage in your industry.


Sales assistants are the missing prospecting link


SimpleSell takes the hassle out of finding your next sales contact. Innovative software paired with dedicated sales assistants revolutionizes the way you drive new business into your pipeline. Download the informational eBook today to find out if SimpleSell is right for you!



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