Dynamic Range Labs and SimpleSell

Brian Summers and Megan Shehan are two key salespeople on Dynamic Range Labs’s (DRL) highly successful sales team. Their role as marketplace success managers is helping to recruit, foster, and build relationships in the electrical engineering industry. Their ultimate goal is to engage and direct interest towards a major player in the electronics industry. 

DRL works to find suppliers and help them distribute their products online by joining forces with a major client. This is no easy feat, and the vast array of B2B companies that comprise their target profile can range from small companies to large industry leaders. DRL’s sales team approaches each and every one of these important customers as unique and valuable relationships. Sales Success ManagerThese marketplace success managers focus their efforts on the recruitment, sales, and onboarding process. Searching for the right applicants is just the start. After understanding the needs and long-term strategies and goals of each prospective customer, they must capture their interest, open their minds to potentially changing their current sales strategy, and direct them towards utilizing a marketplace. An application process is then required, which means DRL Sales works hard to ensure that these prospects are the right fit, so they can sail through the process and reach approval.

Every effort in this sales flow is crucial, yet one major pain point that has affected DRL, and many sales organizations, is the manual research and data entry required to find and connect with potential applicants—in other words, sales prospecting.

Treading through several contact databases, filtering across employee organization charts to find key decision makers, receiving bounce-back emails from inaccurate or out-of-date information all can lead to potentially wasted time and effort. The DRL sales team recognized that they were wasting time contact- prospecting, time that could be better spent connecting with prospects. This is where DRL and SimpleSell came together to solve the contact-prospecting problem.  


Sales Success Manager


During the prospecting phase, Brian and Megan were experiencing challenges in finding the right contact within a company, and the right information for those contacts. They would have to utilize multiple tools and resources to track down the correct person and their firmographic data. This added tedious and often unproductive steps to their sales prospecting flow, including steps that required help from other members of their team. This ineffective content prospecting process was impacting their success rate, and their clients’ bottom line. 

SimpleSell offered DRL a solution that would dramatically save time and guarantee real-time verification and accuracy of contact information. DRL’s sales team began working closely with a highly trained and account dedicated SimpleSell sales assistant, who was committed to finding the right decision makers. After receiving their target lists, rather than waste time weeding out the bogus contact information or sending bounce-back email addresses back to be re-worked, DRL now sends their targets to SimpleSell, where all of the prospecting work is done for them.

SimpleSell has optimized DRL’s contact prospecting workflow, and now the DRL team can focus on building and maintaining relationships with new and existing customers. 


Demand Sales Manager


SimpleSell is an innovative SaaS solution paired with dedicated sales assistants, built to provide an intuitive platform for salespeople to find the right sales contacts quickly and easily. 

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