Companies all over the world are embracing B2B outsourcing for lead generation in order to increase sales productivity…. And it makes sense.

Sales teams are facing challenges never seen before in the industry. COVID, the increase of digital adoption, and predictions of major decreases in sales jobs by 2025 have forced sales teams to find ways to be more productive and efficient in their selling process.

Salespeople can no longer hide from the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic changed business forever. In some cases business has never been better, but other firms have struggled to navigate the complexity of the new sales environment. On average, sales representatives only spend about 39% of their time actually selling. A similar proportion of their time, about 40%, is spent simply looking for someone to call. 

And yet 79% of sales executives say a leading driver of hitting new targets is improving the productivity of existing sales reps. With sales increasingly moving to digital channels, the move to find quality contacts has also gone digital, forcing sales teams to add even more complexity to their sales prospecting activities, more often than not resulting in poor sales outcomes.

Sales productivity

So how are companies going about improving overall sales productivity around sales prospecting in 2021?

In a recent Salesforce Study, four key insights were outlined as major challenges for sales reps when seeking new customers.  

Challenges Reps Face When Seeking Customer Insights

  • Having enough time to find quality contacts
  • Getting the highest quality prospect data
  • Getting contact data into sales systems quickly & easily
  • Knowing how to access data

Today there are many SaaS companies that profess to bridge the contact quality gap. Many of these tools are complex to use, have a narrow range of benefit, and have variable levels of prospect data quality. After the changes wrought by the pandemic, companies have tried to differentiate themselves from their competitors by outsourcing lead generation to help book meetings for their teams. They have also started outsourcing products that can give sales reps quality contact information.


Challenges Reps Face When Seeking Customer Insights


In this new sales environment, in order to succeed, companies must embrace technology and be comfortable changing the status quo. In order to increase the productivity demanded of all sales reps, companies must now invest in solutions to help reps spend more time selling.

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